Why Your Company Needs Telehealth Consulting

At and Blink Session, our goal is to make telehealth easier. Our telehealth platform goes beyond video-conferencing to an all-inclusive platform built around your entire telehealth operation. But, what about everything else?

What about computer hardware, internet connections, operations, and compliance? Every year, countless telehealth initiatives fail due to insufficient planning and flawed assumptions about tech, operations, compliance, and reimbursement.

Imagine starting a basketball team with a group of people who have never played nor even seen a game. You would waste countless hours trying and failing. Now imagine starting that team with an experienced coach.

When you work with our experts, your chances of success sky-rocket. Our tech consultants know the tech, because they built it. Our trainers know how to treat online, because they have transformed lives doing it. Our operations experts have been where you are, they know what works.

What We Help With

We will provide you a personal Solutions Specialist who is responsible to ensure you receive the expert help you need. Based on your needs, they will recommend specific consultant experts in the following areas:

Telehealth Tech Implementation

Sure, the Blink Session platform makes it easy, but what about hardware and internet connections? False tech assumptions are the number one reason why telehealth programs fail. The goal of our tech implementation consulting is to ensure your company has the right tech pieces and places to ensure things work.

Don't settle for just any random IT company to guide your tech plan. Our tech consultants are from the Blink Session team involved in building and maintaining our platform. They are true experts in telehealth technology.

Your tech consultant will start by meeting with you to learn about your goals. They will then research, analyze, and provide a detailed plan containing the tech-related pieces your company should have in place.

School Based Telehealth Operations

Your school based telehealth service can change lives. It can provide help to kids who have no other way to obtain it. But, companies without a plan to guide schools in teletherapy create upset principals, special education directors, and parents. Without proper compliance, companies risk having their entire company shut down. Don't assume you will find success simply assigning a staff member or therapist to create your school-based program. You need an expert.

Our expert school-based telehealth consultant is a true expert. She will help ensure your company's telehealth program is compliant, runs with ease, and changes the live of children. This will start with a meeting where the consult will learn about your plan. They will then perform any needed research and analysis and present you with a plan. This plan will include aspects like: Requirements for the school to ensure students have an adult helping them get online.

Private Practice Telehealth

Telehealth is a new and exciting way help patients and increase revenue. Yes, it is possible to have a smooth operating private practice telehealth service, but you must plan and organize for success. We have worked with hundreds of private practices starting a telehealth service. We know what works and what does not.

Our private-practice expert understands the impact of a telehealth program on your staff and patients. Their help will begin with a meeting to discuss your goals. They research and analyze your situation and recommend and entire operational plan. Plans often include aspects such as procedures to insurance reimbursement and methods to prepare patients to receive treatment online.

Telehealth Sales & Marketing

Yes, telehealth can be easy for your clients and patients, but they have to believe it's easy. Let's face it, most people are used to receiving health services in person. Hospitals and schools are built around providers being on site. Good news, the percent of people expecting to receive services online increases greatly every day.

Your challenge is, presenting a compelling case to your potential customers that they, or their patients or students, should receive services online. Our sales and marketing expert knows what it takes to sell telehealth services, whether schools, individual consumers, and everyone in between. Their help with begin with a meeting to discuss your sales and marketing plan. They will perform market research and recommend messaging and strategy.

About Our Consultants

How We Price Consulting

First, we believe consulting should save a company money. Imagine building a house without an architect, without any plans! You are going to have to pay the architect, but they will save you money and, in fact, make the work of building your house possible.

Second, we believe consulting should increase your chances of success, including profits. Companies make money two ways: They sell more good or services, or they spend less. Our consultants are focused helping your company with both.

We price consulting as an initial package with continued consulting services at an hourly rate. To receive a free consulting and or training proposal, schedule a consultation, and one of our Solutions Specialist will get back with you.

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